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Litter Box Cleansing Wipes

       Litter Box Cleansing Wipes

         Product code: PWW00066
          Wipe size: 25.4x17.8cm/10กม7" 
          Packing: 40 wipes per canister, 12 canisters per carton
          Carton size: 34.5x26x22.5cm
          Gross weight: 5.9kg
          Net weight: 5.3kg
          Scent: Scented/Unscented
          Features: ▪ Extra thick & large wipe works for cost-effective &
                             easy cleaning.

                          ▪ Conveniently clean with baking soda formula. 
                             No need for secondary rinsing.

                          ▪ Citrus scent to eliminate odors for fresh and pleasant 
                             cleaning experience.
                          ▪ A better solution for clean environment and
                            happy, healthy pets.