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Pets' Sunscreen Wipes

       Pets' Sunscreen Wipes

          Product code: PWW00075
             Wipe size: 17.8 x 19.8cm/7กม7.8" 
           Packing: 20 wipes per pack, 24 packs per carton
           Carton size: 24x24x20cm
           Gross weight: 4.0kg
           Net weight: 3.4kg
           Scent: Scented/Unscented
           Features: ▪ SPF15-rated Sunscreen for Pets.
                           ▪ Conveniently protect your pets from the sun's
                               harmful UV rays.

                           ▪ Moistened with botanical extracts for soothing &
                              non-greasy sun protection.